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People in CAL

Key to research groups: CAL - Cognition Across the Lifespan, LAN - Language, PaCT - Psychology and Communication Technology, VASC - Vision Action and Spatial Cognition

Jane DawsonPostgraduate studentCAL0191 243 7030jane2.dawson@northumbria.ac.uk
Dr. Greta DefeyterEnterprise Fellow Dept of PsycCAL0191 227 3291greta.defeyter@northumbria.ac.uk
Prof. Gwyneth Doherty-SneddonActing Director CAL0191 227 4273gwyneth.doherty-sneddon@northumbria.ac.uk
Pamela GrahamPostgraduate studentCAL0191 243 7029pamela.l.graham@northumbria.ac.uk
Joanna GreerPostgraduate ResearcherCAL0191 243 7026joanna.greer@northumbria.ac.uk
Dr. Colin HamiltonSenior Lecturer, Dept. of PsycCAL, VASC0191 227 3086colin.hamilton@northumbria.ac.uk
Lorraine HowardPostgraduate studentCAL0191 243 7030lorraine.howard@northumbria.ac.uk
Nicola JonesPhD studentCAL0191 243 7030nicola.jones@northumbria.ac.uk
Sarah MalcolmPostgraduate studentCAL0191 243 7029sarah.malcolm@northumbria.ac.uk
Dr. Lynn McInnesSenior Lecturer, Dept. of PsycCAL, PACT0191 227 3238lynn.mcinnes@northumbria.ac.uk
Lucy MossPhD studentCAL0191 243 7029lucy.moss@northumbria.ac.uk
Dr. Libby OrmeLecturer, Dept. of PsychologyCAL, VASC0191 227 3931elizabeth.orme@northumbria.ac.uk
Dr. Leigh RibySenior Lecturer, Dept. of PsycCAL0191 243 7775leigh.riby@northumbria.ac.uk
Dr. Michael SmithLecturer, Dept. of PsychologyCAL0191 243 7169michael4.smith@northumbria.ac.uk